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Why is NC Subway Group, Inc. Successful


Executive staff, managers and associates at North Carolina Subway Group, Inc. (NCSGI) provide guidance and support through every aspect of growing your business. Our office will assist you in site selection and approval as well as design, development and construction. NCSGI will even negotiate a lease on your behalf to secure the best possible terms. We help you position yourself for growth and increased prosperity.

We offer advertising support for our owners, particularly at the local level. Advertising materials for display and distribution are provided and marketing opportunities are presented with complete instructions for implementing them. Business Consultants assist their owners to design and execute individual marketing plans for each store which include specific ways to attract more customers across all operating hours. We succeed when you the owner succeeds – it is a team effort.

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Creating Healthy Change Around The World

"SUBWAY® Restaurants continue to improve our sustainability and the nutritional attributes of our products. We stay fresh by never getting stale."